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Seed processing plant in Týniště nad Orlicí:

Holder of a license from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic to circulate reproductive material of forest trees intended for forest restoration and afforestation.

To create a request for seeds, please use the attached form.

Price list

Forest seed production

Forest seed production is a specialised activity in the field of forestry dealing with the collection and processing of forest tree seed material and seed production. It arose out of the need to preserve the very existence of forests and sustainable forest management, an integral part of which is the provision of sufficient seed for the regeneration and establishment of new forests. As timber use and harvesting increases, so does the need for seed. In the beginning, forest seed production was mainly focused on conifer cones in relation to the species grown in the forests. Over time and with the changing requirements of the species composition of forests, the need to provide broadleaf seed has also grown significantly. It was therefore necessary to build facilities capable of producing forest tree seed in sufficient quantities and in the required structure of coniferous and broadleaved species. One such plant is the Forestry Seed Plant of the Czech Republic in Týniště nad Orlicí.

Establishment of the Seed Plant

The decision to build a central seed plant in Týniště nad Orlicí was made in the early 1960s. There were a number of reasons for the construction of a modern plant, in particular the increasing need for seed, the obsolescence and insufficient capacity of the existing seed production facilities, insufficient capacity for long-term seed storage and inadequate working and hygiene conditions.
The investment project had an annual processing capacity of 2,000 to 2,500 tonnes of cones, a one-time storage capacity of about 800 tonnes of cones and a climate-controlled storage capacity of 50 to 60 tonnes. The plant was to have the necessary machinery for receiving and storing cones, so that the arduous work of storing and airing cones in the warehouse was kept to a minimum, and work in hot environments was to be avoided during shelling.

The investor of the new plant was the company Státní lesy, průmyslové výrobny Chrudim. On 1 January 1971, the Seed Plant in Týniště nad Orlicí was established as an organizational unit of the company by decision of the company director of the State Forests, Industrial Production Plant Chrudim. During the reorganisation in 1974 it was added to the East Bohemian State Forests as an independent plant. At present, the Seed Plant in Týniště nad Orlicí operates as a special-purpose plant of the Forests of the Czech Republic, s.p. providing seeds of forest tree species and services to all forest owners and managers.
The Seed Plant in Týniště nad Orlicí continues the previous 60-year tradition of central seed saving in České Budějovice. With its capacity and technical equipment, it has started a new stage of forest seed production in the Czech Republic at the world level.

Plant activity

At present, the activities of the Seed Plant are mainly focused on the processing of seed raw material of a wide range of forest tree species, short-term and long-term seed storage, pre-sowing seed preparation and seed sales. The clear objective of the plant’s production is the production and sale of high quality seed of top parameters, which is suitable for both precision sowing into containers and sowing into mineral soil.
The plant has sufficient capacity in the cone warehouse, the sheller and the air-conditioned seed store to produce and store conifer seed of all forestry species of importance, particularly spruce, pine, larch, fir and douglas fir. The cone warehouse is designed to store 800 tonnes of cones. The cone sheller is equipped with chambers for shelling large seed compartments and a sheller for shelling small compartments of up to about 1 kg. The air-conditioned warehouse has a capacity of up to 60 tonnes of seed.

In the area of conifer seed, the plant carries out:

  • sale of seeds of coniferous species,
  • shelling of cones of spruce, pine, larch, douglas fir, fir and other conifers,
  • long-term storage of seeds in air-conditioned warehouses and freezers,
  • pre-sowing preparation of conifer seeds,
  • sorting of seeds into fractions,
  • inoculation of seeds of selected tree species for machine sowing,
  • determination of seed quality by laboratory analysis,
  • other services as agreed with the customer.

With the change in the species composition of forests in favour of deciduous species and the related change in the requirements for the range of seeds supplied, the production and storage capacities for deciduous seeds are being adjusted and expanded. Seed raw material of broadleaved species is processed mainly in a separate production hall. Here are located technologies for the production and pre-sowing preparation of beech and oak seed, a line for the processing of cherry pulp, cranes and others. The hall also houses air-conditioned storage facilities for seed pre-sowing and long-term storage.
In the area of broadleaf seed, the plant carries out:

  • sale of seed of broadleaf species,
  • processing of beech, oak, maple, cherry, hornbeam, lime and many other broadleaved species,
  • long-term storage of seeds in air-conditioned warehouses and freezers,
  • pre-sowing preparation of broadleaf seeds,
  • seed sorting, including the sorting of germinated buckeyes,
  • determination of seed quality by laboratory analysis,
  • other services as agreed with the customer

Associated production
As an ancillary activity, the plant produces small wood products as a tool for biological protection and increasing forest diversity. These include birdhouses, insect shelters and others. The products are, for example, supplied to the organisational units of the Forests of the Czech Republic and also to the general public within the framework of the Return Owls to the Forest programme.

In addition, the plant grows planting material of rarer tree species such as wild apple, pear, birch cranes, cherries and others on a small scale. These less abundant tree species belong in the forest and significantly increase the diversity of our forests. The planted seedlings are planted by the organisational units of the Forests of the Czech Republic within the managed forests.

General Terms and Conditions

for contracts concluded through the ordering system Lesů České republiky, s.p., Semenářské závod Týniště nad Orlicí, Za Drahou 191, 517 21 Týniště nad Orlicí

(hereinafter referred to as the „ordering system“).

When selling and buying goods through the ordering system available

on the website the following general terms and conditions apply (hereinafter also „terms and conditions“), which set out the rights and obligations of the seller, which is Lesy České republiky, s.p., IČO 421 96 451, with registered office at Přemyslova 1106/19,

Nový Hradec Králové, 500 08 Hradec Králové, doing business as a legal entity registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, section AXII, insert 540, and the buyer.

General terms and conditions, in accordance with the provisions of § 1751 of the Civil Code, become an integral part of the contract concluded on the basis of an order between SZ (provider) and the customer and regulate the rights and obligations of the contracting parties arising in connection with the contract or during the use of the products. With his order sent to the provider, the customer confirms to the provider that he has familiarized himself with the terms and conditions and expresses his agreement with all the provisions of these terms and conditions.


Subject of sale

Through the ordering system, the seller offers for purchase:

seed intended for forest restoration and afforestation (hereinafter only „seed intended for forestry purposes“),

seed intended for ornamental purposes,

small wooden products,

pine cones from the pine tree for ornamental and other purposes,

hereinafter referred to as goods.

Through the ordering system, the seller offers services. The conditions for the provision of services are specified in the Business Terms of Services provided by Semenářský závod Týniště nad Orlicí available on the website

The name and main characteristics of the goods offered for purchase are listed

in the ordering system. On the form in the ordering system, it is also possible to inquire about goods not offered in the ordering system. In such a case, the requester will be notified at the e-mail address entered by him, if and where appropriate

in what period and under what conditions can the requested goods be delivered.

The sale of small wooden products and seeds intended for ornamental purposes is offered to the general public, both to entrepreneurs (suppliers) and to consumers within the meaning of the provisions of Section 419 of the Civil Code, where a consumer within the meaning of the aforementioned provision is considered to be any person who, outside the scope of his business activity or self-employed person enters into a contract with an entrepreneur or otherwise deals with him. An entrepreneur is a person referred to in the provisions of §§ 420–422 of the Civil Code, while for the purposes of consumer protection, this also includes any person who enters into contracts related to their own business, production or similar activity (or in the independent performance of a profession), or a person who acts on behalf of or on behalf of an entrepreneur.

The sale of seed intended for forestry purposes is offered only to a buyer who is registered with the seller. By placing an order, the buyer declares that when concluding a purchase contract for such goods, he is acting as an entrepreneur (supplier) within the meaning of §§ 420–422 of the Civil Code. A registration request is automatically generated when a new user registers with a request for access to the seed warehouse. After registering a new customer, he is sent login details to enter the ordering system.


Conclusion of the purchase contract

The goods can be ordered using means of electronic communication by filling out the form

and by sending the form found in the ordering system. The condition for the validity of an electronic order is to fill in and send all the data prescribed by the form. The buyer is allowed to check the completed data before sending the order, or alter.

The buyer is obliged to provide all data correctly and truthfully. The seller considers the data provided by the buyer to be correct.

The buyer’s electronic order is a draft purchase contract. By sending an electronic order to the seller, the buyer expresses his will to be bound by these terms and conditions as part of a mutual contractual arrangement. After receiving the order, the seller will send a confirmation of receipt of the order to the e-mail address specified by the buyer in the order form without undue delay. The purchase contract is concluded upon delivery of the seller’s notification of acceptance of this order to the e-mail address specified by the buyer in the electronic order form. The seller is always entitled, but not obliged, to ask the buyer for order authorization in an appropriate way, e.g. by phone or in writing; in such a case, authorization is a condition for the validity of the order.

The buyer acquires ownership of the goods upon full payment of the purchase price.

The purchase contract can only be concluded in the Czech language.

The purchase contract and terms and conditions are drawn up in the Czech language.

The buyer assumes the risk of a change in circumstances within the meaning of § 1765 paragraph 2 of the Civil Code.

Terms deviating from these terms and conditions can be negotiated within the purchase contract. Such provisions in the purchase contract take precedence over these terms and conditions.

The seller is entitled to change or supplement the wording of the terms and conditions, while the rights and obligations arising during the effective period of the previous wording of the terms and conditions are not affected by this.


Purchase price

The price of individual goods, or the method of its determination, including information about the goods, is specified in the ordering system, including all taxes and fees. This price does not include the price of the ordered services and compensation for delivery costs, which will be charged to the buyer in addition to the actual price of the goods (see Article IV. below). The price of an individual item is valid until it is changed in the ordering system.

For small wooden products, when they are individually adjusted based on the buyer’s request approved by the seller, a surcharge will be charged to the price indicated in the ordering system according to the amount of work required to adjust the original product, but at least in the amount of 15%. The purchase price of these goods is therefore made up of the price of the goods indicated in the ordering system at the time the order is sent, the seller’s costs for delivery to the buyer and, where applicable, the costs of modifying the goods. The price is stated without VAT and including VAT according to applicable regulations.

The purchase price of seed intended for ornamental purposes consists of the price of the seed specified in the ordering system for one kilogram of seed, the seller’s costs for delivery to the buyer and, where appropriate, the price of the ordered services (seed sorting, seed pickling, seed stratification, seed storage). The price is stated without VAT and including VAT according to applicable regulations.

For BOC, BL, BO, LMB, VJ, DG, MD, SM tree seeds intended for forestry purposes, the price indicated in the ordering system is the final price for one kilogram of seed calculated according to the formula specified in paragraph 6 and the price of ordered services (for example, seed sorting, seed pickling, seed stratification, seed storage). The price is shown without VAT. VAT will be charged to the buyer according to applicable regulations.

For other tree species, a fixed price is set for 1 kg of seed with a guaranteed minimum germination/lifetime stated in percentages. If the section does not reach the guaranteed minimum germination/lifetime according to quality tests by VÚLHM, v. v. i., the customer can request a discount corresponding to the reduced quality below the guaranteed minimum germination/lifetime.

Seed intended for forestry purposes, which does not have a fixed price per 1 kg of seed set in the valid price list, has a fixed final purchase price as follows: final purchase price CZK/kg = basic price according to the price list CZK/kg x purity in % x germination/life in % . The basic price is listed at in the Price Lists section. Cleanliness data

and germination/viability are given for individual items in the offer.

Product „Sprouted beech – sprouted beech“: Sprouted beech seed is a seed in which most of the seeds have a visible germ. The total price of the delivered section of seed is determined as the product of the number of delivered pieces and the unit price listed in the Forestry Seed Price List. The number of delivered pieces is determined as the product of the weight of the supplied section and the value of 2,300. The proportion of the weight of sprouted beech in the supplied seed section is at least 80% of the weight of the supplied section of sprouted beech. Upon receipt, the customer is obliged to check the condition of the collected beech seed, including the condition and size of the sprouts. By accepting the germinated seed, the customer confirms that he has inspected the germinated seed and that he has not found any defects. The provider will not take into account the customer’s later claim of defects in the germinated seed.

Maple maple seed is produced by machine threshing (the seed is stripped of its wings).

Seed intended for forestry purposes offered as untested (the results of the laboratory test are not yet known) does not have a stated purchase price, for this seed

a note is displayed – price on request (you can ask the seller about the date of completion of the tests and the estimated price). In case of order

of this seed, the ordering party (buyer) agrees to the additional determination of the purchase price only after receiving the results of laboratory tests.

Seed intended for forestry purposes in the case of tree species that are not listed in Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2301/2002 of December 20, 2002 (the delivery note does not have to contain data on the quality of the seed material) has a selling price indicated in the price list. The price is shown without VAT, VAT will be charged to the buyer according to applicable regulations.

Costs incurred in connection with the use of means of communication at a distance

when concluding the contract, the one who incurs them applies.


Method of delivery and payment

 The ordered goods will be delivered, under the conditions below, in the following ways:

leaving it to the buyer for personal collection at the address of Semenářského závod Týniště nad Orlicí, Za Drahou 191, 517 21 Týniště nad Orlicí;

by commercial parcel on delivery;

by commercial package after prior payment to the seller’s account or;

storage with the seller for a fee.

The buyer chooses the delivery method in the ordering system from the options offered by the system.

In the case of personal collection according to paragraph 1 letter a) the buyer shall pay the purchase price to the seller upon acceptance of the goods. The buyer will usually be invited to pick up in person together with the seller’s notification of acceptance of the order, or immediately after such notification, indicating the date from which the goods will be ready for collection. The seller will receive the invoice (tax document) upon receipt of the goods. With this method of delivery, the buyer is not charged any compensation for the costs of delivery or packaging of the goods.

Delivery by commercial package on cash on delivery according to paragraph 1 letter b) takes place by sending the goods through Česká pošta, s.p., IČO 471 14 983, to the address specified by the buyer in the ordering system. The goods are sent with proper packaging. In this case, the seller’s obligation to deliver the goods to the buyer is fulfilled by handing them over for postal transport for the buyer. Goods are transported under the terms and conditions of Česká pošta, s.p., which are published on the website The seller will allow the buyer to exercise the rights from the postal contract against Česká poště, s.p., if the buyer does not have these rights based on the postal contract. Delivery in this way is possible only for goods with a price not exceeding CZK 100,000, while the weight of one shipment must not exceed the weight specified in the trade and transport conditions of the Czech Post. If the total shipment does not meet the conditions of the Czech Post for the possibility of sending one shipment, the delivery of the goods will be divided into several shipments and the associated increase in transportation costs will be charged to the buyer. When delivering in this way, the buyer will pay the purchase price (including delivery costs in the actual amount according to the price list of České pošta, s.p. – postage) when taking over the shipment of goods; the invoice (tax document) will be part of the package. The post office issues the package to the recipient on the condition that he pays the purchase price (the price of the goods

and will confirm the payment of costs for the delivery and acceptance of the business package. The seller reserves the right not to ship ordered goods that require special handling, authorization or contain perishable goods, or for which temperature or humidity control is required. Such goods are intended for personal collection. If the buyer insists on delivery via Česká pošta, s.p., the seller is not responsible for the quality of the transported.

Deliver the goods by storing them with the seller according to paragraph 1 letter d) is only possible for a buyer who has ordered storage with the seller in advance. In this case, payment of the purchase price will be made on the basis of the invoice (tax document) issued by the seller after the goods have been delivered to the warehouse and delivered to the buyer within 14 days of its issuance. With this method of delivery, the buyer is not charged any refunds for delivery costs; this does not affect the buyer’s obligation to pay the seller storage fees.

In the event that the buyer chooses and agrees with the seller another method of transporting the goods, the risk and any additional costs associated with this are borne exclusively by the buyer.

If it is necessary to deliver the goods repeatedly or in a different way than was chosen by the buyer in the ordering system, and that is for a reason on the buyer’s side, the buyer bears all the costs associated with this.

If the buyer fills in a mobile phone number in the order form, he is informed about the progress of the goods delivery by Česká pošta s.p. in the form of an SMS message in accordance with its terms and conditions.

Wood products are shipped depending on current demand and production capacity.


Withdrawal from the contract

The buyer is always entitled to withdraw from the concluded contract by canceling the order

in the ordering system within 24 hours of concluding the purchase contract.

If the buyer is a consumer within the meaning of § 419 of the Civil Code, the buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in writing without giving a reason and without any penalty within fourteen days of receiving the goods; this does not apply in the cases specified in § 1837 of the Civil Code. Withdrawal from the contract must be in writing and sent no later than the last day of the aforementioned withdrawal period to the following address of the seller: Semenářský závod Týniště nad Orlicí, Za Drahou 191, 517 21 Týniště nad Orlicí. By withdrawing from the contract

cancels from the beginning and the buyer is obliged to return the purchased undamaged goods to the seller no later than fourteen days after withdrawal; in such a case, the buyer bears all costs associated with returning the goods to the seller; goods cannot be returned

cash on delivery or in any other way requiring any kind of payment by the seller upon acceptance – such goods will not be accepted by the seller. The buyer is responsible for the chosen method of returning the goods, so that the quality of the returned goods is fully preserved. In the event of a valid withdrawal, the seller will return the paid purchase price to the buyer to the bank account indicated by him in the withdrawal, within fourteen days of the withdrawal. The seller is not obliged to return the purchase price before the goods are returned by the buyer. If the goods are not returned to the seller in proper condition, the seller is entitled to set off against the buyer’s claim for the return of the purchase price his claim for damages corresponding to the amount by which the value of the returned goods was reduced due to its damage.

The seller is entitled to set off his potential claim for compensation for the damage incurred

on the goods against the buyer’s claim for a refund of the purchase price.

At the same time, the buyer acknowledges that according to the provisions of § 1837 of the Civil Code, it is not possible to withdraw from the purchase contract for the supply of goods, which has been modified according to the rights of the buyer

or for him, if the goods are perishable, if they have been irretrievably mixed with other goods, if the goods are in a closed package from which the buyer took them out and for hygienic reasons it is not possible to return them.

The seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract at any time, up to the time of acceptance of the goods by the buyer.

The concluded purchase contract can also be withdrawn under the conditions and procedures established by the Civil Code (provisions §§ 2106 and 2107 in conjunction with the provisions of § 2001 et seq. of the Civil Code).


Reservation of a good harvest and its successful processing

The Buyer expressly acknowledges that the Seller’s current ability to deliver goods and services is conditional on the usual harvest and its successful processing. In the event of a bad harvest or objectively existing problems with its processing and delivery of services, the Seller reserves the right not to deliver the goods to the Buyer. In such a situation, the Buyer is not entitled to claim damages from the Seller and waives such a claim, such a fact is considered force majeure. At the same time, the Seller is entitled to offer goods that are comparable to the ordered goods.


Contractual penalties

If the Buyer decides to cancel his commitment, he can do so. In this case, the Seller is entitled to demand from the buyer the payment of a contractual penalty as flat-rate damages in the amount of:

50% of the purchase price in the event of a period exceeding 15 working days from the date of receipt by the Buyer of the confirmed order by the Seller

100% of the purchase price if the goods are already in production or have been manufactured.

The seller charges the contractual penalty to the buyer according to the above-mentioned article. The contractual penalty is due on the date indicated on the invoice, if the due date is not specified on the invoice, the contractual penalty is due fifteen (15) days from the date of its receipt. The billing of the contractual penalty will be done either in writing to the buyer’s address or via e-mail to the buyer’s contact person. In case of doubt, it is assumed that the contact person is the person who ordered the goods from the seller.


Rights from defective performance

The rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer from defective performance are governed by the relevant legal regulations, in particular the Civil Code.

The buyer is obliged to exercise rights from defective performance with the seller at the address: Semenářský závod Týniště nad Orlicí, Za Drahou 191, 517 21 Týniště nad Orlicí. The moment of making a claim is the moment when the seller received the claimed goods from the buyer. The seller will issue a written confirmation to the buyer of when the claim was made, as well as the date and method of settlement,

or about its rejection with reasons.

If the goods are delivered via a carrier, the buyer is obliged

check it immediately after taking it over, especially whether the shipment or packaging is damaged. In case of detected damage, it is necessary to solve the matter with the transporter (writing a record).

Additional rights and obligations regarding the seller’s liability for defects may be modified by the seller’s complaint procedure.


Criminal compliance clause

By their signature below, the contracting parties confirm that they have always acted and proceeded honestly and transparently during the negotiation of this contract and at the same time undertake to act in this way during the performance of this contract and all activities related to it.

Furthermore, the contracting parties undertake to always act in such a way and take such measures as to prevent the emergence of reasonable suspicion of the commission of a criminal offense or its commission itself (including the form of participation), as a result, to act in such a way that any of the contracting parties cannot be attributed responsibility under of Act No. 418/2011 Coll., on the criminal liability of legal entities and proceedings against them, or there is no criminal liability of natural persons (including employees) according to the Criminal Code, or that no criminal prosecution is initiated against any of the contracting parties, including its employees, according to valid legal regulations.

LČR (or it is necessary to indicate LČR according to the contract, e.g. as customer, Lesy ČR, buyer, etc.) for this purpose created the so-called Criminal compliance program Lesů České republiky, s.p. (see, (hereinafter referred to as „CCP LČR“), and as part of it, they accepted the commitment to stand against any illegal and unethical behavior and set up procedures to prevent and detect such behavior.


Final Provisions

Both contracting parties are authorized and, in cases stipulated by law, obliged to publish the contract (order) and its amendments, including metadata, to the extent and in the manner in accordance with Act No. 340/2015 Coll. Act on the Register of Contracts), as amended. Both contracting parties agree to the publication of the contract and its amendments, including metadata.

The contract becomes valid and effective upon acceptance of the order by the provider, in the case of the obligation to publish the contract according to Act No. 340/2015 Coll., on the register of contracts, as amended, the contract becomes effective on the day of its publication in the register of contracts.

The order, including the terms and conditions, is archived by the provider and is not accessible.

In the event of a dispute between the customer (consumer) and the provider, the customer (consumer) can also use the option of out-of-court settlement of the dispute. In such a case, the customer (consumer) can contact the subject of out-of-court dispute resolution, which is the Czech Trade Inspection ( and proceed according to the rules stated there. More information on out-of-court dispute resolution can also be found on the website of the Czech Trade Inspection.

Contact details of the seller:

Seed plant Týniště nad Orlicí

Za Drahou 191

517 21 Týniště nad Orlicí


telephone: 956 271 111

These general terms and conditions take effect on June 5, 2023.